We are excited to be offering OmieBox lunch kits, a hot and cold bento box that makes meals irresistible!

OmieBox is an insulated bento box that holds hot and cold food in one box. It has 2 temperature zones so entrťes keep warm while veggies and fruits stay cool! These adorable little lunch boxes make packing your childís lunch a total breeze.


About the OmieBox

Moms and dads make, on average, 180 lunches per child each year. These super parents are on a mission to pack a variety of nutritious lunches. And itís no easy task.

They worry about allergies, pesticides, hitting the four basic food groups, not to mention the persnickety whims of their children. They even go so far as trying to make lunch fun. All because they love them.

But no matter how much care and effort moms and dads put in, once that lunch gets to school all bets are off. They canít control if the mac & cheese is cold and hard by lunchtime. Or if the lunchbox is dropped, crushing the strawberries whose juices turn the sandwich pink. Or if, heaven forbid, a pea touches a carrot.

Thereís nothing simple about a childís lunch. Which is exactly why we designed a lunch box that
protects all of that hard work and love that parents put in.

  • A lunchbox with a built-in vacuum insulated bowl, so parents can pack hot and cold food all in 1 box.
  • 3 leak-proof compartments that keep food separate and mess free.
  • Special features that are so easy to use, kids never need to ask for help again. So that when your child opens his lunch, itís exactly what you intended it to be: a fun, healthy lunch made with love and care.

OmieBox Features

Separate Temperature Zones

OmieBox uses two types of insulation so meals are always served at the perfect temperature. Air insulation, vacuum insulation plus an airtight seal minimizes heat transfer to keep food fresh and yummy.

Powerful Insulation

Every bowl inside OmieBox is made of 2 layers of food grade stainless steel and vacuum insulated to deliver the most powerful insulation.

Wide & Shallow

Unlike most food jars that are deep and narrow, our vacuum insulated bowl is wide and shallow, so kids can easily scoop food out. Plus itís easier to clean.


It’s nice and compact so it takes up less space in your kitchen.

Only Yours

Kids love to label their things which is why we made sure to design a special place for your name labels.

Made with Care Outside and In

OmieBox is made of 13 unique parts that work together to help you serve the best meals for the ones you love. OmieBox is BPA-free, phthalate free and complies with all FDA and CPSIA requirements.